Lash & Nail Services

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L A S H   S E R V I C E S


GLAMOUR  XTREME  ($300)–Our most popular set of Xtreme Lashes, the Full Xtreme Lashes set completes your look with a voluminous set of professionally applied lashes of various length, thickness,  curvature and color to make your eyes shine! 65-85 lashes per eye; 120 minutes.

DIVA XTREME  ($400)–For the Xtremest who wants a lash extension on every single lash customized to your eyes with  90-130 lashes per eye; 150 minutes.


FLIRTATIOUS FLUTTER  ($225)–For those who want a very natural look or who would like to try Xtreme Lashes, the Flirtatious Flutter set is for you. 45-60 lashes per eye; 75 minutes.


NEW CLIENT BASIC RELASH ($175)–First time relash service for new clients already wearing lash extensions and transferring from another lash stylist. 90 minutes. Please note: At the time of appointment, an assessment will be made about the quality of existing lash application. Please be advised this may require full removal and rescheduling of new set of lashes.

RETURNING CLIENT RELASHES  — Please book according to lashes shed.  If all lashes have shed, book the new full set you desire from the menu above.

Two-Week Lash Fill ($75)–up to 1/4 of your Xtreme Lashes. 60 minutes.

Three-Week Lash Fill ($130)–up to 1/2 of your Xtreme Lashes. 90 minutes.

Four-Week Lash Fill ($175)–up to 3/4 of your Xtreme Lashes. 90 minutes

N A I L  S E R V I C E S

Manicure - $30

Pedicure - $60

Mini pedicure - $40

Acrylic full set (Pure White / Natural) - $60

Maintenance - $40

Back Fill - $50