Avallon's threading expert, Alexy Honore, now offers Microblading for eyebrows! This new and exciting technique will give you perfectly shaped, semi-permanent eyebrows to frame your face and make you look younger.

Microblading is done after designing, threading, cleansing and topically numbing the eyebrows.  Then, Alexy uses a microblade to draw each stroke of hair into the top layer of the skin.  She then places special pigments on the area.

At home, there are two phases of healing.  During the first phase your brows will appear darker and more vibrant than they will in a few weeks.  It is important to gently clean them as prescribed and not to scratch your eyebrows.  After the scabs have fallen off they go through the translucent phase.  This phase occurs during the end of the healing process just before the hair strokes become visible with full pigmentation.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled six weeks after your procedure so we may be certain everything has healed properly.  At that point, we will touch up any spots if necessary.